The purpose of the Nordic Network for Research in Music Education (NNRME) is to

  • initiate and arrange research education with broad Nordic participation
  • propagate and advance communication of Nordic music educational research between researchers, and between researchers and “consumers”

Autumn 1992, representatives for Nordic institutions involved in music educational research and research education, met in Oslo to plan a Nordic network. The main aim for the network if to contribute to improved quality in the Nordic research in music education.

The network is being led by a coordination group with representatives from at least three of the Nordic countries. It reaches out to everyone who are active in music educational research, mainly through organising annual conferences and by publishing annual peer reviewed year books. The network also administers an e-mail list where information about conference, courses etc. is distributed – even activities arranged outside the network.

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Network Chair: Live Weider Ellefsen
Professor of music education, Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences